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  • Style Diaries: Shanequa

    Style Diaries: Shanequa

    My name is Shanequa Jana’ or Shea, or Shea butta because I’m smooth lol. I am from Cereal City in Michigan! I have been natural for about two years now! I can’t remember when I started transitioning because it wasn’t purposely but I did my chop in February of 2012. My twin sister did it […]

  • Style Diaries: Linnea

    Style Diaries: Linnea

    My name is Linnea Smith-Waters I’m from Baltimore, MD. I have four daughters who all have natural beautiful hair. I started doing my own hair when I was 10. My mother would always braid my hair in singles and leave them in for weeks I used to get teased and called Whoopi Goldberg. She is a […]

  • KenyaGoneNatural


    Everyone could use inspiration at some point in their life about something, right? New-to-the-scene blogger, KenyaGoneNatural, plans to do just that with her focus of hair, life, and relationships. In this post, she shares her reasons for going natural several years ago. It’s about time 🙂 I got my first relaxer in the sixth grade, […]

  • Mocha Kid is taking over!

    Mocha Kid is taking over!

    With a recent post from Essence Magazine, Mocha Kid Magazine is really making a name for themselves! [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2yBHJaojug’]   Mocha Kid is an up-and-coming interactive magazine that is geared towards empowering, unleashing and glorifying the many physical shades of African American children.​ Their desire is to equip parents with the necessary tools and insights that […]

  • Napturally Curly talks: natural hairstyle gallery

    Napturally Curly talks: natural hairstyle gallery

    A subscriber (Hey, DLT!) was searching for one of my natural hairstyles and couldn’t find it. She suggested I create a hairstyle gallery so all my styles are on one page. Your wish is my command.  I’ve divided the page by style with links to videos/tutorials.  Unfortunately I’ve been a little lazy about taking pictures lately, but […]

  • Napturally Curly talks: Going Natural on a Budget

    Napturally Curly talks: Going Natural on a Budget

    I’ve heard people say that going natural is too expensive. This could be true if you morph into a product junkie (*raises hand*), or you constantly select top-of-the-line products. Now, I must admit, I do splurge on certain brands, but you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to transition or be natural. […]

  • Embrace your natural hair!

    Embrace your natural hair!

    While perusing the web in search of new-to-me, creative beings, I came across a documentary by Zina Saro-Wiwa and I immediately reached out to her in hopes of sharing her creations with my readers. I was moved by her strength as she sat in the barber’s chair while a friend filmed the BIG CHOP.  Her […]

  • Napturally Curly talks: Products for transitioners

    Napturally Curly talks: Products for transitioners

    The biggest mistake I made when I first started transitioning was running out to buy all these hair products I saw other people using.  I am a self-proclaimed product junky. I have always been. If they have a support group for such a thing, just sign me up! Nevertheless, I quickly discovered you don’t really […]

  • Napturally Curly talks: Transitioning Tips

    Napturally Curly talks: Transitioning Tips

    Transitioners…get your pen and pad!!!! Napturally Curly transitioned for 18 months and has a lot to share with you about her journey and what you can possibly expect with yours! If you are anything like I was when I began my transition in March 2010, you may not know what to expect with your natural […]

  • Napturally Curly talks: 18-month transition

    Napturally Curly talks: 18-month transition

    Napturally Curly is all natural!! And it was done without a BIG CHOP! For all transitioners, please know this is possible! On September 5, 2011, I completed my 18-month transition, and I am proof positive that you can transition to natural hair without a big chop. I only had an inch or two near the crown […]