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  • Black Girls Travel Too | Solo Travel

    Black Girls Travel Too | Solo Travel

    “Why are you traveling alone? Where’s your friends? Don’t you have a man? Aren’t you scared? Should you be taking your child so far by yourself?” Goodness people. Get a grip! These are just a few questions I’m often asked because the concept of booking one seat on a flight to a destination with enough […]

  • The Traveling Toddler

    The Traveling Toddler

    10 nights. 3 cities. 1 toddler. And a busy toddler at that!!! Miss Bailey and I recently traveled to Houston, San Juan (PR), and NYC. I’m thriving on the energy from summer break, as I’d just returned from Chicago JUST AFTER we’d returned from Vegas. Yes, despite the perception of some, babies can travel to […]

  • Dear Delta Airlines…

    As if traveling with an infant isn’t difficult enough, the least reservationists could do is make the process easier by knowing what steps to take when working with traveling families. However, I always feel that bad things only ever seem to happen to us, as my friends who have children of their own never seem […]

  • My baby can fly

    My baby can fly

    Traveling with an infant is NOT for the faint at heart. It can bring upon anxiety… Will she be happy? What if she cries nonstop? Did I pack enough diapers? If she has a bowel movement mid travel, what do I do? (And my poor baby was gassy the entire way to LA on the […]

  • Black Girls Travel Too | France and Italy | Part 2

    Black Girls Travel Too | France and Italy | Part 2

    This post picks up where the last left off. 

  • Black Girls Travel Too | France and Italy | Part 1

    Black Girls Travel Too | France and Italy | Part 1

    Let me start by asking, does anyone else get sick on planes? I thought I was just being a hypochondriac because I tend to be the person who feels sick around sick people. And I’m a teacher so I’m around sick little people often (but we use Lysol, hand sanitizer, and bleach wipes on a regular […]

  • Black Girls Travel (Too) | Barcelona

    Black Girls Travel (Too) | Barcelona

    Kids playing street ball near Las Ramblas – a popular street near city centre for tourists and locals. Coincidentally, while I was in Barbados, two of my soror-friends Catina and Adzoa were in Barcelona. Ooo-oo-oop! The Mountain at Montserrat – aka home of black Madonna. They too found their discount on The Flight Deal’s site. I […]

  • Black Girls Travel (Too) | Barbados

    Black Girls Travel (Too) | Barbados

    This article about professionals traveling came my way just in time. Every working woman needs to take time for herself!   I just returned from a weeklong trip to the sunny (ok, most days cloudy) and beautiful island of Barbados.   Some may be wondering why I chose this title for my post. Well when I […]