A kid vlogger in the making

This latest generation of kids loves photos and videos! Everything for them is instant. When someone photographs or records them, they want to know, “Can I see it?” And in my house, my daughter wants me to show Facebook or send it to family…then she wants to know right away, […]

It’s been a long time!

Wow I did not realize I have not been on my site in such a long time! Motherhood, work, and the pandemonium have definitely been in the way of my creative spark. I am NOT the type who was inspired to see what more I could do in life when […]

Black excellence for the culture (St. Louis style)

Happy fourth of the lie y’all. Raise your hand if you enjoy looking through albums from decades past? ??‍♀️It’s something about the vintage outfits and timeless smiles and smirks that bring me joy.  “Black excellence photos for the culture” dropped today. Edits were promptly made and pictures released purposely on this […]

Toxin free periods

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted here. Two kiddos really takes up a lot of my time (and I love it!)…mommy mode is how I spend most of my days. They’re only 2 years and 8 months so I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be […]

Taking my full maternity leave left me living beneath my means 2

As maternity leave comes to a close and I return to my 4th grade classroom, I am feeling overwhelmingly grateful to have had this time to care for my son. We were able to bond and enjoy one another’s company without the stresses of work. Returning to work, whether I […]

Black Girls Travel Too | Solo Travel

“Why are you traveling alone? Where’s your friends? Don’t you have a man? Aren’t you scared? Should you be taking your child so far by yourself?” Goodness people. Get a grip! These are just a few questions I’m often asked because the concept of booking one seat on a flight […]

Black Girls Travel Too | Newlyweds showing acts of greatness

If you follow me anywhere online, you may recall I spent a few days with Bailey in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This was in July, before hurricane season attacked. I reached out to my Airbnb host and asked if he and his family were okay after the first round of […]

Bailey’s Big Chop | Toddler Regimen 1

We all have a niche or two, right? Well, hair has always been mine…   I started doing my own hair sometime around the tender age ten. Yes, ten. It was the best decision for our household as I did not like my mom doing my hair. Kids know so […]

Children are processing through injustices too

As I laid in bed Sunday night, texting with a group of non-black teachers (this part becomes important as you read), I was wondering, “What do I say to my students about current injustices in their own city??” I’m the only black female teacher in my building and not that […]

Teachers can help combat racism

Le sigh…school has begun. So long summer break joy for me and Bailey. BUT I must pay these bills so we can live comfortably so I’ll quit my fussing now! (Below I’m sharing about my trip to Selma, AL after the commemoration of Bloody Sunday. ) I don’t usually condone […]

The Traveling Toddler 2

10 nights. 3 cities. 1 toddler. And a busy toddler at that!!! Miss Bailey and I recently traveled to Houston, San Juan (PR), and NYC. I’m thriving on the energy from summer break, as I’d just returned from Chicago JUST AFTER we’d returned from Vegas. Yes, despite the perception of […]

Live every moment 7

Summer, my favorite season, is my time to travel. Having a busy body Bailey in tow is changing nothing about that (my girl has a passport, do you). Brittany, one of my favorite cousins who shared my love for travel, recently accepted a job in Houston after living in Indiana […]

Dear Delta Airlines… 2

As if traveling with an infant isn’t difficult enough, the least reservationists could do is make the process easier by knowing what steps to take when working with traveling families. However, I always feel that bad things only ever seem to happen to us, as my friends who have children […]

Love…so many things I want to tell you

As I stare at my baby girl whilst nursing I wonder what the future holds for us. Does all the baby talk and alertness mean she’ll be a questioner and explorative? Will she sing? What kind of student will she be? Is she going to Miss Personality or more on […]

Black women, today’s march wasn’t for you

I catfished y’all on the title didn’t I?? Trust, it wasn’t for clicks, it was for a purpose. After reading a thread in disgust, I had to vent. I took to Facebook with the following post. The likes and shares that followed restored a bit of hope I’d quickly allowed […]

I wasn’t with her but damn sure wasn’t with him 1

Sunday night I woke to a malfunctioned transformer which caused power to be out for some on my block close to 12 hours. I almost wish it were still off now. I went to bed at 9CST and was in disbelief that he was seemingly in the lead. “It’s early. […]

My baby can fly 5

Traveling with an infant is NOT for the faint at heart. It can bring upon anxiety… Will she be happy? What if she cries nonstop? Did I pack enough diapers? If she has a bowel movement mid travel, what do I do? (And my poor baby was gassy the entire […]

Black Liberation

Liberation- noun; the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression. To release.  Can we get free?  As I rock my child to sleep for her morning nap – that she fights against more n more and sleeps less n less for each day – I’m reflecting on […]

Baby hair and afros 1

One never knows the texture a newborn’s hair. And Bailey’s so far nothing like mine. But her texture can be found in our gene pool. She’s her uncle’s twin. Thick, silky, and curly, while mine is thick, coarse, and kinky. She’s nursing in the picture above so I apologize for […]

The F Word | Part 2 1

Read part 1 here. While learning more about fibroids, I came across an article from Gessie Thompson regarding fibroids and fertility. At the time, I knew I wanted children and wondered if fibroids would be cause for concern. (Sidenote: I came to this realization at the same age I found out […]