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  • A few of my favorite things…

    A few of my favorite things…

    I am always thinking about multiple streams of income. Sadly it stops there; a thought. My busy parenting and work schedule doesn’t allow me to give it much more than a mere thought, so I am not there yet, but I’m surely working on it. I checked my Amazon commissions recently and saw a small…

  • Amerikan Goddess

    Amerikan Goddess

    Over a year ago, I received 2 lip balms in a gift bag from a natural hair event. It was love at first use! I eagerly reached out to the product owner, Michelle Turner, after using the product for several weeks. I still have (and use) one lip balm and find it to be more…

  • Twisting Tutorial Time

    Twisting Tutorial Time

    Sometimes I come across a skill I lack and my first thought may be, “I’ll never be able to do that.” And if I don’t try, then bam, there it is. I won’t be able to do it. But with patience and practice, [almost] anything is possible! So here are a few vids with flat twists or…

  • Wrap dress anyone?

    Wrap dress anyone?

    I initially shared about this yellow and blue dress on my Facebook and in a blog post. Ever since, people have been asking, “HOW DO YOU TIE IT!?!?!” Welp, here ya go! [youtuber youtube=’’]    I love that it works as a skirt for my tall frame without making it look like a petite size (as…

  • My hair is growing y’all!!

    My hair is growing y’all!!

    HAIR + DYNAMICS = HAIRNAMICS [youtuber youtube=’’] Please read the information on the site in order to make an informed decision for yourself. I read about the ingredients, the FAQs, and looked at a couple reviews. I felt it was a good fit for my lifestyle. For the record, I am not on any prescription…

  • Big Twist Out

    Big Twist Out

    I must, must, must get better with posting to  Soon and very soon, I will!!Anywho I had some ask what I did to my hair a couple week’s ago while attending my sister’s graduation. SHOUT OUT TO THE VALEDICTORIAN OF THE NUMBER ONE HIGH SCHOOL IN THE STATE!! #siblings I’d washed my hair earlier in the…

  • Ageless Derma Special Clay Masque

    Ageless Derma Special Clay Masque

    Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. In regards to the pics at the end, I had already stopped taking the vitamins at the time I began the photos so my face had cleared considerably and I didn’t have close ups of my acne prior to this but it would often be a large bump…

  • Natural Sis 72 Review

    Natural Sis 72 Review

      Here’s a product for you to check out that’s moisturizing and has safe ingredients to help your hair maintain it’s health. Owner of Natural Sis 72, Mary   [youtuber youtube=’’] Here’s a review vid I posted using Sweet Coconut Butter: [youtuber youtube=’’] YOUTUBE (Buttah Me UP Naturalsis72) FACEBOOK  

  • Henna


    Juh’ watch! [youtuber youtube=’’] Thanks Henna Sooq!!

  • LACEnatural product review

    LACEnatural product review

    I’ve been enjoying LACEnatural products ever since the owner, Candera Walker, gifted me with a couple goodies! I told you in a recent post that I’d post more about products I like, so here’s me keeping good on my word! 😉 My favorite product of hers! [youtuber youtube=’’] One day, I’ll try more of her…

  • My Natural Reality’s Protective Styling

    My Natural Reality’s Protective Styling

    I’ve gotten great feedback about my most recent style and instead of just sharing them with my Facebook fam, it was suggested that I post them here! [youtuber youtube=’’] Inspired by Tamika Fletcher of Natural Resources Salon   [youtuber youtube=’′]   [youtuber youtube=’’]   [youtuber youtube=’′] View more pictures in my Facebook “Pin-ups and Scarves” album.  

  • Deep conditioner concoction anybody??

    Deep conditioner concoction anybody??

    Looks pretty icky huh…really, it wasn’t that bad! After leaving it on for about an hour with my Hair Therapy Wrap, the result was extra soft hair! I’m unable to tell you exactly how much of each item I used, but you can easily start by adding a little, then a little more if necessary.…

  • Daily Curlz top ten natural hair products

    Daily Curlz top ten natural hair products

    This article is compliments of Daily Curlz (Support!)        Curl & Style Conditioning Milk is at the top of my list. It is the best daily moisturizer for me and my girls curly hair. It gives shine, moisture and the smell is just amazing.    My huetiful steamer is the best partner for…