Miko and Titi of Miss Jessie’s, BeautifulBrwnBabyDol, and Himay10nence in St. Louis!!


Thank you to River Fronczak, her husband William, and their team from  Coffee, Curls, and Cupcakes for coordinating this natural hair event in St. Louis.  I originally posted about the event HERE (in case you missed it). I loved seeing all the curly, twisted, braided, straightened, and overall gorgeous styles from the 1,000+ attendees!  Children were in attendance as well! I can only imagine how empowering it could be for young African American girls (and boys) to be surrounded by so many women who are a reflection of them in so many different ways!

Encouraging words were given from Dr. Nina “BeautifulBrownBabyDol” Hervey as well as Miko and Titi, creators of Miss Jessie’s. And NaKesha “Himay10nence” Smith was the MC.

Here is a snippet:


Dr. Nina “BeautifulBrownBabyDol” Hervey shared her story of victory with listeners.  Being persistent and resilient through her obstacles has truly worked in her favor.  She’s one of Huffington Post’s top 5 bloggers and one of Natural Review’s top 10 bloggers! Many were surprised to learn that her youtube success actually didn’t begin with sharing her natural hair journey.  Nina only wanted to talk about weight loss, being fit, and eating healthy…but viewers were intrigued with what was growing on her head so she just had to share what she was doing and how!

Nina’s message was simple: Be supernatural!

Strength – be strong
Unbreakable – don’t let others tear you apart
Powerhouse – motivate others
Encouraged & Enthusiastic – even if its not a good hair day,  keep your head up and pretend it is
Renewed – everyday brings a new journey
Nerve – have the nerve to wear your hair with pride
Aptitude – learn about different things that might work for you and don’t wait for others to give you the answers
Tenacious – be steadfast and unmovable
Unyielding – don’t be so afraid to try something new
Resist – resist the urge to quickly change your mind about your journey
Accept – that there will be mistakes
Love – love yourself enough to change and be happy about it

The sisters of the powerhouse known as Miss Jessie’s helped mold what we know today as the natural hair movement.  How’d they do it, you ask?  First and foremost FAVOR!! It was God that allowed Target to come to them when it’s usually the other way around. For the sister’s, this validated the fact that natural hair was finally in the mainstream.  Miko and Titi were still living in the brownstone in which they started their salon when Target initially called them.  Sticking close to family and supporting one another, along with sisterhood and fellowship can help you overcome obstacles and make it to the top. Their suggestions to those interested in starting a business included not going to every party and saving every dime you can.  You have to sacrifice to get what you want.


^My style from the event!

Alright, alright…enough typing 🙂 here’s the pictures! Embrace who you are healthy hair sistahs!

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    Oh wow! Great write up. Loving the photos! YouTube is trippin so I’ll have to watch the vids later.

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    This was awesome Tiff!