Interview: Designs by Zahra



I started making jewelry in the summer of 2010. I am an “advanced crocheter” and for some reason got tired of making coats and sweaters. I sat down one day and started making jewelry. A box of items was just sitting on the floor, so my sister suggested that I sell them. That’s where Fatemeh’s Jewelry & Accessories started.

I am very meticulous. If I don’t like a finished product (crochet or jewelry), I will take it apart. I have taken apart whole crochet sweaters.  People think I’m crazy for doing that.  But if I don’t like how an item looks, it will not be sold or given away.


I make crochet jewelry, beaded jewelry, hair accessories, and crochet items. Every item you see is made by hand.  Every bead is strung, every wire is wrapped, every fabric is cut, and all the yarn is crocheted.  I want people to walk around with an item no one else has. So my jewelry is one of a kind. You will not see any two pieces that are alike. (But items can be duplicated upon request.  Look in the “Sold” section of my shop.)

I also do custom orders… YOU can create a one of a kind piece.

Words of advice: If you want to do something, go for it! Business may start off slow but don’t get discouraged. Find some blogs that will help you advertise. Make sure you create a Facebook Fan Page and YouTube channel so you can show pictures of new items. Finding local craft fairs to vendor or local meet-ups will also give you exposure. Carry business cards with you to hand out. Just have fun!

Designs by Zahra

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