The Divine Hostess prepares an individual frittata


I could eat eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…so when I saw this recipe on The Divine Hostess, I just had to share it with my readers!  Very reminiscent of quiche, a frittata is an Italian dish made with (often) fried beaten eggs, resembling a Spanish omelet.  I have created something similar using meat and veggies in a casserole dish (meant to feed more than one individual).

To find out what The Divine Hostess adds to her frittata to make it a simple, low-calorie meal, just enough for one, click the picture!

Individual frittata


In my excitement about this scrumptious looking dish, I began searching for other recipes.  Whole Foods has pages and PAGES full of variations to the recipe. So if you’re an egg lover like me, check it out and feel free to share frittata dishes you’ve created.


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