Baby soft skin…


At my students’ recent performance, one of the parents asked, “What are you doing to your skin? It seems you look younger and younger every day.” Hmmm. I was wondering, just how young do I look!?

I do try my best to take it as a compliment when I’m told that I look very young. However as a 31-year-old, being mistaken at times for a high school student is not very fun. But her statement did cause me to take a closer look at what I’ve been doing recently. The long and short of it is drinking more water, continuing to work out on a regular basis, and using Shea butter, almond and jojoba oil, and African black soap on my face and neck. I know of a few people who have a similar skincare routine to me, but they also use CBD oil which can apparently reduce redness if you suffer from rosacea or acne. Luckily I’ve got over my acne, but as I know that many people suffer from it, you might want to look at first time dispensary deals to try some CBD oil out for yourself.

I noticed during the month of November my face was breaking out a lot and I had dark spots in places where acne once took residence. Then I noticed there were not as many water bottles in my recycle bin. (Go green fact about me: I try to refill a water bottle a few times before I throw it out.) I already am not a soda drinker, but I do enjoy an alcoholic beverage every once in a while. Depending on the drink of the night, high sugar intake is a strong possibility. Along with that, I like to eat cereal and I love Oreo cookies. While I am not necessarily cutting back on my cereal or cookie intake, I did increase the amount of water I’ve been drinking. Couple that with the usage of the products mentioned above and my face has seen a total transformation!

Makeup free (minus the lipstick)!

Peep this information from Sister’s Keeper about black soap!

This amazing organic raw soap is friendly to your skin, friendly to the environment, and friendly to the people of the world. This soap is hand pressed by an African Co- Op of women in a small village in Ghana. It is all natural with no harmful chemicals, pore clogging preservatives, or artificial fragrances. Our 4oz bars are used to shampoo hair as well as cleanse our skin. African Black Soap works excellent for eczema, acne, dry skin, psoriasis and blemishes. Although, if you have severe eczema, you’ll probably want to use something like tremotyx eczema cream to treat it. African black soap can be used on your face, body and hair. This soap easily doubles as a makeup remover. One 4 ounce bar of black soap can last for several weeks at a time.

Shea butter uses:

1.) Treatment of dry skin, eczema, and minor burns.
2.) Pain relief from swelling and arthritis.
3.) Improves muscle relaxation and stiffness.
4.) Sunscreen, due to its rich content of vitamins E & F.
5.) Treats dark spots, skin discolorations, stretch marks, wrinkles and blemishes.
6.) Massages, diaper rash, and as a hair conditioner.


I purchase most of my oils from Whole Foods. Almond oil is about $5 for a 4oz. bottle. The “now solutions” brand states: almond oil is for skin in need of clean and natural nourishment. 100% pure almond oil is an all-natural oil that’s perfect for nourishing and reviving any skin type. It is easily absorbed and won’t clog pores, promoting clear, soft, healthy skin. Ideal for the entire body, almond oil is derived from pressed almonds. While Jojoba oil can be a pricey sucka, the “Desert Essence” brand is about $9 for 4 oz. It’s a pure and natural plant extract that will penetrate and moisturize your skin without leaving any oily residue. This luxurious oil can be used to remove makeup and to cleanse clogged pores, leaving the skin clean.
The BEST thing about all these products, they can be used from head to toe! I have washed my hair with black soap from Sister’s Keeper and definitely oil my scalp with the oils and I protect my hair strands with shea butter often!