Beef up your style for cheap


10 Ways to Beef Up Your Style for $40

There comes a time in our lives when we need a change. Sometimes it’s drastic: a bold, cutting-edge hairstyle, a different job, or maybe even a move to a new city. Other times it’s as simple as adding a new item to our wardrobe. Well, I took a brief survey of my closest friends in search of the most economical and stylish ways to freshen up any wardrobe.

Men and women, 25-40 had this to say…

• Become a thrifter! Secondhand shops can be lifesavers for inexpensive yet unique pieces of clothing and accessories for any man or woman. For $40 you can walk away with an entire outfit (sometimes two)! For secondhand shops accepting donated items, choose your neighborhoods wisely…upscale areas will have more high-end items that will still fit your budget. I often share about my thrifting experiences on Instagram and Facebook!

• Women can easily luck up on stylish earrings and necklaces for less than $10 a piece from stores with accessories for days like H&M and Forever 21. Don’t expect the item to last as long as pure silver and gold, but in my experience, if you take care of the accessories, they’ll take care of you by making you look good!

• Shoes…you have to wear them, so why not hit the nearest clearance rack and go to town. Seek a bright bold color for any season to spruce up a dull outfit. If you’re worried about the quality of a “cheap(er)” shoe, go to DSW or Nordstrom Rack to ensure you’re still getting a name brand for a lower cost. I frequently check sales online of my favorite stores because often there’s a discount on top of free shipping or another perk that makes me smile.

• Scarves are not a new trend but have definitely become more fashionable over the past few years. You can easily grab a scarf (or two, maybe even three) for less than $40 in stores such as Old Navy and Gap!

• Classics may bore some people, but they’re easy to dress up or down for almost any event. A white v-neck tee can be sleek under a sparkly cardigan and pencil skirt and then goes casual with a cotton blazer and jeans.

• Aviator sunglasses will make any plain outfit immediately fly! Would you believe me if I told you they’re available for around $10? Google “kw aviator sunglasses” and thank me later!

• Colorful bracelets and large rings can transform any outfit to suit your needs and make a strong statement. • Men, owning a variety of pocket squares can give you multiple looks with just one blazer. Check out websites such as and to find solid colors and prints for as low as $5!

• Watches have become a staple for many men and women. They come in an assortment of finishes and styles. For $40 you might not be able to get a Michael Kors or Diesel watch, but I guarantee your local Target is trying to recreate something very similar to the latest brands and you’ll get a great quality for little cost.

• Handbags come in various sizes, colors, materials, styles…you get the idea! A vivid purse no matter how large or small can help you achieve a well-groomed look without going broke.

This last one won’t cost you a dime: you can always go shopping in your own closet. Crazy thought, huh? To find inspiration, scope out the latest styles in fashion magazines and on “lookbook” websites like Polyvore. Then, take a look at what you already have to create new looks.