Daughter of the King


Kimora Cochran wanted to create something that was just for/about Christ but also gave women confidence to express themselves and be who Christ called them to be! “It really started out as just one shirt, but evolved into an entire line, and now an entire business of its own! I praise GOD for his vision and direction on this project!”

When asked what she enjoys most about owning her own business, she says without a doubt it’s the freedom of creativity! “I love being able to see my own vision come to life! There is just something so magical about that process for me. However I must say, most of all, the quiet time I am able to have in the mornings before God, or in the Word. Before launching Daughter of the King, I had to be at work at a certain time, had to dig right into someone else’s program for the day and wasn’t able to really just sit and study or read my bible as much as I feel like, for however long I’d like! It’s an amazing experience!”

Her goal is to make Daughter of the King RoyalTees much more than a business, but more about relationships with each sister and each client she comes across. “I want to make sure every girl gets much more than a tee, but a brand new sister in Christ!”


All entrepreneurs face obstacles. Anything good takes dedication and hard work to achieve. Being a one-woman army is her current obstacle. “I’m not at a point where I can hire a full staff, or even ONE staff person. So handling everything from missing shipped items to new products gets a little overwhelming at times, but I love every moment of it.”



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