Napturally Curly talks: natural hairstyle gallery


A subscriber (Hey, DLT!) was searching for one of my natural hairstyles and couldn’t find it.

She suggested I create a hairstyle gallery so all my styles are on one page.

Your wish is my command. :)

I’ve divided the page by style with links to videos/tutorials.  Unfortunately I’ve been a little lazy about taking pictures lately, but I will be more diligent in the future so I can continue to update this page.

Many of these styles can be worn on both transitioning and natural hair.  If you’re still transitioning, add perm rods to the ends when appropriate.

Curious about products I use?  Click here.

Here’s a preview of a few styles!!  Click HERE to see the entire gallery!




Check out the rest HERE!!



2 responses to “Napturally Curly talks: natural hairstyle gallery”

  1. Burton Mckinney Avatar

    When you relax your hair you get used to a certain styling regimen, but when you go natural you use totally different products and have a completely different styling routine. So I found that transitioning my relaxer allowed me to get used to styling my hair in ways that didn’t revolve around a blow-dryer or flat-iron. Transitioning also allowed me to get used to different hair products that suited my natural texture as well.

  2. Weldon Farmer Avatar

    Some transitioning methods and going natural advice will help you maintain healthy hair while reducing unnecessary breakage.