Style Diary: Diane

I was always so perplexed whenever I was approached to sell items that I made. I thought, “Why would anyone want to buy this?” I saw my crocheting and knitting as a hobby, a thought that entered my mind one day as I left the hair salon. I was determined to learn to crochet, so I taught myself—I just wanted to make a skirt. Six years later and I still haven’t made that skirt. I never even started making it! Trucks & Pearls was born one summer night shortly after the thought of making that skirt, and I’ve been so busy designing and producing handmade accessories that the skirt is now an afterthought.
My company was originally created as a children’s accessory line consisting of booties, hats, and scarves. Trucks & Pearls now offers handmade jewelry and cold item accessories for children, men and women. When creating for Trucks & Pearls, I try not to follow trends but instead, I follow my heart. Everything that I make comes from my heart. Launching a new item each season keeps me engaged and building on a brand that I love.

If I never find the time to crochet that skirt—I’m okay with that. That skirt, imagined and beautifully created in my mind, was the beginning of Trucks & Pearls.
“Let your accessories express your personality.” –Diane Ivery, Founder of Trucks & Pearls 

Trucks & Pearls
A complete accessory line for all.


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