Style Diary: Brittany


Name : Brittany Mitchell
City : New Orleans, La
Birthday : May 15, 1991

All About Me….. 

I have been natural 1 year 5 months and 6 days but who is really counting lol. I decided to go natural when my hair begin to break off badly from those evil things called relaxers!! Best decision I ever made! Everyone around me wasn’t so supportive, but I could care less. I made my decision and I wasn’t changing it! Cut my hair after 3 months post relaxer and never looked back!!


I love my hair! Natural hair has really become a great hobby of mine; almost a slight addiction hehehehe 🙂 Love to vlog, blog, IG about hair, read and watch videos…our hair is just so versatile!!!!


Youtube: hkbeautiigurl
IG: @ibadd_

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