Love the Skin You’re In


While perusing Instagram, I came across Erwin Chatelier’s page and instantly knew I wanted her style to be part of My Natural Reality!

The fulfillment I get from being a makeup artist is beyond amazing. It’s my passion. It gives me a comforting feeling when I see my clients face light up as they look in the mirror. I like the feeling of giving self confidence.

I’ve always had a passion for fashion and  makeup. I’m an immigrant who migrated from Haiti. Makeup was not thought of as a career. I was taught to think of it as a hobby, not a career; and also that it wasn’t something that I was going to make a living from. It wasn’t until after high school that I decided to put my foot down and  started to pursue my dream of becoming a makeup artist.
I would describe my style as “Effortlessly Chic”(shee-k). I don’t think my style falls into a particular category; I basically dress according to my mood. I don’t like to look like I try too hard when I put an outfit together. 
My besties @lovejomichelle, @mauriasmith, and I have a makeup class coming up June 1, 2013 called ” Beauty Lounge Workshop”. Here’s the link for more info:
The one fashion tip that I would like to leave your readers with is that confidence and a smile are your most fabulous accessories.  All the clothes, makeup, and beauty products in the world mean nothing if you’re miserable and uncomfortable in your own skin. Love yourself, be confident, smile, laugh, and never take life too seriously. Those are the true ingredients of lasting beauty and style. Everything else is just the icing on the cake.

Readers…come back on the first day of summer to see more shots of Erwin and her BFF Mauria!