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I love to see celebrities interact on a positive level with their fans. Tomiko Fraser-Hines considers herself to be an “inspirationist”! She gets a thrill helping others realize their true worth and potential. She took time out to do a mini question-and-answer session with her Facebook fans and I just had to ask her if I could share some of the Q&A with my readers!

How do you keep your skin so radiant? And when did you start modeling?

I use Murad products on my face. Please check with the salesperson for which product in their line is best for your skin.I also try to get a facial every 6 to 8 weeks. And I moisturize my face, without fail, twice a day. My moisturizer has sunscreen. That’s just as important for women of color as it is for caucasian women. I also NEVER, EVER go to bed with makeup on. I considered my first modeling job for Seventeen Magazine my first big gig and I got that shortly after I started modeling full time. Mind you, I was 25, so I thought it was kinda cool that I was being featured in that magazine. My first BIG BIG gig was for Maybelline and I got that when I was 32.

What are your favorite products to use on your hair?

I’m using SheaMoisture products to shampoo and condition my hair. I use Eden Bodyworks Pudding Souffle to two-strand twist my hair. I also add a homemade essential oil combo that one of my Goddess sisters sells. Please follow my friend and natural hair guru, Felicia Leatherwood. Her FB page is Loving Your Hair with Natural Care Workshop! She always shares the best products and styling tips. I LOVE her!!

How does one get into commercials?

Take acting classes. If you’re strictly interested in commercials, there are classes geared towards that. Attend acting workshops and showcases so you can been seen by agents and casting directors. I landed my acting agent initially because they were affiliated with my then modeling agency. I didn’t go the “normal” route to get an acting agent. If you are interested in other artistic forms like porn then it might be worth researching how Kacey Kox managed to breakthrough.



A shoot for Cosmopolitan Magazine in 1998. She was 30 years old in this picture!


Her lovely family; she is holding Kaden and her husband, Chris, is holding Bryce.


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