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I am roughly 6 months into this and it has been INCREDIBLE! I’ve been trying to establish myself as an artist, but over the past few years I had been hemmed in as more of a manufacturer…producing plaques and other bulk items for different organizations. It wasn’t until late last year when I presented a pair of earrings to my pastor’s wife for the church anniversary that I realized I was onto something. I didn’t think much of it, but the ladies in the church went absolutely crazy…hence the “earringguy” was born…lol.


Not knowing anything about jewelry, I was very skeptical about traveling down this road. One thing I realized is that my lack of knowledge in this area actually provides a healthy advantage. Most of my customers don’t know what they want until it’s shown to them. They see something they like, then they buy it. I just create and create and create and use social media as a “rating” technique. If the response is low, then I know not to continue with that piece.


My passion has always been to establish myself as an artist. Earring design now provides me with “mobile canvases” if you will. I’ve gotten calls from friends who have seen some of my work on local folks being interviewed on news programs lol. It still amazes me.



I was a graphics designer for ten years for a company that creates vinyl floor designs for major flooring companies. It’s very possible your kitchen floor pattern may have come across my desk at some point. Roughly 3 weeks after my ten year recognition, I became part of a downsizing due to lack of work. This came within a week after getting my website done…God is Good! The demand for the earrings was increasing so rapidly that there was no way I could do both, so now I get to produce as much as I want, when I want.


I have been very blessed to have the support of family and friends and the natural hair community embraced what I was doing so firmly that it seems I’ve become a fixture now…especially in MD and NC. My 12 year old daughter and a set of twins from my church are my staff and we have FUN everywhere we go. I have earrings in salons in DC, PA and TX. I have shipped to Paris, Nevada, Michigan, Missouri, NY, Delaware, California…just to name a few. Every time we vend, somewhere the orders keep rolling in. I am asked on a regular basis to create custom logo earrings and I also do bulk orders for some regular clients. I have recently been asked to be part of a grand opening for an art collective at a fashion park here in Richmond, Va. These are very exciting times and I’m glad that we’re allowed to be a part of it.




Todd Parsons
Graphics Designer/Laser Artisan
Mobile (804) 516-0857


Instagram: @earringguy


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    These are so cute Tiff!