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By now, you know my love for meeting new people through the Internet. Not in the way of trying to make new besties, but just connecting in a business manner. I also love to show support for African American women who are working hard and trying to make a name for themselves!


If you are into fashion blogs, I am sure you know Blake Von D. But in case you you’re not yet familiar with her, I was able to catch up with her and have a little Q & A session. So here ya go:


Where are you from and how old are you?

I’m originally from Georgia. Although, the past couple of years I’ve lived in a both New York City and New Orleans. And I turned 26 in August.


I love your photos and your blog because the quality looks like you’ve been doing it for years (blogging and modeling). But please share why you began blogging and what started you on this style icon quest?

I started blogging in December of 2009. My blog didn’t originally start as a style/fashion blog. It was more just a place for me to share my thoughts and feelings on things. But whenever I posted pictures of myself, readers would always comment and ask questions about what I was wearing or where I got something. So I began to tailor my posts to my readers’ interests.


It seems as though you don’t necessarily go with the trend, rather with what pieces look best on you. How would you describe your style? And were you always into fashion or did you gain interest as you got older?

I always have a really difficult time coining a term to describe my style. It’s always changing. Things that I like though are pieces that are girly but still edgy. I don’t like a lot of floral prints or ruffles. I try to wear pieces that are sort of like my personality–a little bit girly and a little rough and tumble. As for how long I’ve been into fashion…I never really considered myself a “fashionista” (I still really don’t). I describe myself more as an artist. My medium just happens to be clothes. Every since I was a little girl, I’ve been obsessed with making sure that things around me looked pleasing to the eye. Whether it’s the furniture in my room, my handwriting, my clothes…I believe it all should be a work of art and a labor of love.


Check out this lookbook to see where Blake purchased the numbered items!


My brand is really focused on female empowerment. My goal is to sort of use myself as a template for inspiring other women to just be themselves–whatever that might be. I think too often as women we give in to the pressure to be what others want us to be. Whether it be men, our friends, our parents, or society at large. And while that might bring you satisfaction for a while, I don’t believe it’s the recipe for long term happiness.

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    I really like my natural hair but it’s a lot of work. It doesn’t always look how I want it to look after I’ve spent a good bit of time styling it. (I’m talking to you dry twist out) I also don’t like that I’m not good at styling my hair outside of a regular twist out or a wash and go. Buns are cute, but not easy and a little repetitive. Sometimes I just want something different that I can do myself. So while natural hair is versatile, it ain’t easy.