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You may have seen the guest blogger post from Shelly at Glam Natural Life…if you didn’t click here! Well, I loved her hair and story, so I asked her to share it with my readers!

Share about your hair/style journey over the years and how it has evolved to the point you’re at now.

I have always been a devoted Remi weave wearer. Going natural was not for me girl! Lol! However after my last extension removal I struggled with detangling the two textures. At the time I did not know much about ‘transitioning’ so I chopped after a month or two. The two textures were driving me mad along with me being a little anxious to know what my hair looked like. So, Aug 6th, 2011 I did the big chop.  Having no memory of what my natural hair looked like, I was clearly unsure of what my expectations should be. All the permed hair was now gone, leaving just enough to barely twirl around my finger – a true TWA. I loved it. Yes, I looked like I was 12 years old but it was all good. Instantly I started adding up all the dollars I was saving. $70 for a perm and DC, $25 to wash every 2 weeks – it all adds up. More importantly my natural journey had begun and I was very ready and excited for the ride.

Ooooh and can I tell you the compliments were coming in from left and right, up and down. Lol! Yea I love attention; so you know I loved it. Lol! All fear and worry went away. My weaves never got that much compliments.

I experimented a lot with styles and product. When I had a TWA I just wore it as is. As it grew I started wearing Fro Hawks and then moved to twist outs.  About a year ago I discovered the stretch that braid-outs gave my hair and now that is my signature hair style.

Do you have hair goals? What about a regimen?

Healthy hair is my optimal goal. I would love to have bra strap length hair then that’s it!

Spritz with my homemade mist (water, aloe Vera juice, honey and coconut oil)

If needed, I moisturize with Shea Curl Enhancing smoothie


Shampoo with Shea Moisture Curl&Shine Shampoo
Condition with a product that has lots of slip like Tresemme, Herbal essence, etc 

Click here for my Regimen:


Staple products?

My favorite hair product line is Shea Moisture. You just can’t go wrong with it. It’s organic and good to my hair and pocket. However I also love a few other brands that are a bit pricier.

Favorite shampoos:
Shea Moisture curl and shine shampoo

OBIA shampoo bar
As I Am Cowash

Favorite moisturizer:
Shea moisture smoothie and the curl and style milk as well

Curls Whipped cream
OBIA moisture cream

Taliah Waajid curl cream

Eco Custard
Shea Moisture Soufflé

Why did you begin blogging?

As I continued on my natural hair journey I was fascinated with all that I was learning and started to make little notes on my iPad. Then one day I was like ‘why don’t I get a blog and write about my experiences?’ Then I wondered if people would even read it. I knew nothing, but I created After a month or two I saw that people actually look at it and it made me want to take it seriously. So, I bought the domain and was born and the research addiction began. I decided to be here for girls who are natural, transitioning or thinking about going natural and need support in whatever way shape of form; and I still pride myself in that. My blog is not huge but one day it will get there. But if at least one person visits the site per day I am happy.

How do you manage it with your other priorities?

Girrrl, it’s hard. I have a very demanding job as a Marketing Analyst and a man at home to cook for and I have to find time for myself and him. Lol! Trying to post at least once a week is every bloggers dream but it’s hard sometimes. When I get home from work all I want to do really is jump in my bed and say ‘don’t wake me’. However if you want something really bad you have to work at it. I mean sometimes weeks will past and I don’t get to write anything but I never stay away for too long. It’s hard but nothing good don’t come easy right? I try to write on my phone on the train and weekends I can find more time.