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Ebony posted a great article updating EDEN BodyWorks‘ fans on founder, Jasmine Lawrence. I can recall many years ago when my grandmother came home with these products. This was long before I began my natural journey but my grandmother was on her journey and these were some of the first “natural hair products” she came across. She loved them and continued using them for years. It’s amazing that now her products are conveniently available in stores across the country. You can’t help but smile as you read Jasmine’s story.

“Jasmine Lawrence is not your typical 22-year-old.  At 13, Lawrence became so frustrated with her chemically damaged hair that she started concocting her own all-natural hair care products. With the help of a $2,000 loan from her parents, the teenager then launched her company, EDEN BodyWorks and made over $1 million selling her products online. Now, EDEN BodyWorks products are one of the most known on the market, being sold at national retailers like Wal-Mart, Sally Beauty Supply, Walgreens and Krogers. And while she’s running her own successful company, the recent Georgia Tech alumna and aspiring roboticist is also a project manager at Microsoft on the Xbox One team.  EBONY.com caught up with Lawrence to learn her keys to success and discover what’s next for this fast-rising star.”

EBONY: We really can’t believe you began creating EDEN BodyWorks at the age of 13. Tell us how the brand came about.

Jasmine Lawrence: It really came about for my own need of natural products.  I couldn’t find anything that was all-natural and that was high quality. I had done a relaxer and it did a lot of damage to my hair.  After searching around, I didn’t find anything that was quite right for me, so I decided to make something.

EBONY: Where did the name come from?

JL: The Garden of Eden was this pure place in the Bible; it nourished your body, and nourished your soul.  That’s what I keep in mind when making the products, those core elements.

EBONY:  Was this just a “let me get in the kitchen and figure this thing out” process that led you to your brand?

JL: I knew there were natural things that I could use for my body, skin, and hair.  I just started doing my research.  I saved up my allowance and I had my mom take me to a natural store.  I bought pure honey and other ingredients and [experimented with] the effect they each had on my hair.


Read the entire story at EBONY.

I enjoy the latest line from EDEN BodyWorks and here’s one of my videos.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baDJMLvz’]







2 responses to “Jasmine Lawrence of EDEN BodyWorks”

  1. Cassandra Avatar

    Love it! Thanks for sharing, I never knew much other than she was very young when she started the business. Phenomenal story!

  2. B Jean Nashville Avatar
    B Jean Nashville

    Actually, i saw Jasmine Lawrence on the Oprah Show where she told her story about what a relaxer had done to her hair causing her to develop her own products. Immediately after seeing her story, I checked the website and ordered a few products to use on my own hair. I really liked the products that I ordered and decided to place a reorder once my products we almost gone. The website was on longer available. Several months to a year later, I received an e-mail from Eden BodyWorks inviting me back. By that time I had already began using another product that I could purchase locally – so that’s what I did. I had no idea that Jasmine Lawrence’s products could be purchased locally. Thank you for that information.