My first flat iron in almost four years


You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t cute!

I had my hair flat ironed shortly after going natural in 2010 and haven’t gone back to straight hair since. One reason is because it would take too doggone long if I were to attempt it myself. I don’t even blow dry my hair thanks to the time I feel it would take me. The second reason is that I just honestly do not miss wearing a wrap on a daily basis. I prefer the wild style of my natural hair.

My hair could be longer, but I trim/cut whenever I get the urge. I don’t trip much off length. I’m more into having healthy ends. Don’t get me wrong; I love to see women with long healthy hair. But I also love choppy, pixie style cuts and teeny-weeny afros. Hair of all lengths intrigues me!

If you’re curious what products or styling tools Chi Chi uses, check her out on YouTube or Instagram.

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Follow my awesome stylist Chi Chi on YouTubeSplit ends be gone!

If I were to ever get my hair flat ironed again, I do believe it’d have to be in the dead of winter as before because my neck was HOT!


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My hair reverted back right away!!