My hair is growing y’all!!



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Please read the information on the site in order to make an informed decision for yourself. I read about the ingredients, the FAQs, and looked at a couple reviews. I felt it was a good fit for my lifestyle.

For the record, I am not on any prescription medication and I only took over-the-counter allergy medicine for a few days during this time. I work out anywhere from two to five times per week. Last, I avoid fried foods as much as possible (because my stomach doesn’t agree with ’em) and I drink fruit and protein smoothies several times per week.

Before pics:




After pics taken on June 15:

^ 1.5 inches of growth


^almost 2in of growth

^1 inch of growth


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3 responses to “My hair is growing y’all!!”

  1. Lynda Avatar

    Great progress! How many bottle did it take for you to gain 1-1 1/2 inches.\


    1. MyNaturalReality Avatar

      I actually only took that one bottle. I was going to keep doing it with a second container of the vitamins, but just didn’t feel like taking a daily vitamin (so it wasn’t because of any side effects or anything).

  2. Tina WAde Avatar

    What about people who have thyroid. Conditions? Beause the medications side affect is hair loss. So is it safe for them to take.also does it promote healty skin and nail growth?