Naturals in NOLA


^My hair had a mind of its own and I did not mind one bit!

Well, I made it to Essence Festival 2014 and maaaaaaan oh maaaaaaan was it a treat!! I didn’t even go to the nightly Superdome concerts (crazy, right?) yet I had a wonderful time!

No, really!

There is so much to do in New Orleans from the decadent cuisine to the rich night life.

I tried Fried Alligator upon arrival onto Bourbon St. at Le Bayou Restaurant on my first night. I fell in love with Beignets at Cafe Du Monde and Crawfish Pasta from Vaso (their music was awesome as well). I binged on a savory bread pudding from Huck Finn’s Cafe and enjoyed a tongue tantalizing Fried Green Tomato and Shrimp dish from The Original Pierre Maspero’s. OHHH and did I mention the Oysters Rockefeller from Jackson’s Brewery Bistro Bar and that doggone Banana’s Foster French Toast and mega mimosa from Stanley’s.

Food selfies are all the rage 😉


Besides eating my little heart out, I managed to be touristy and catch some cool events. My wild ‘n natural hair was well received and I loved the atmosphere even more for that reason alone!

Enjoy a few photos from my first Essence Festival!

^Good times with a good group of women!

^How about this was a FREEEEEEE praise party! I was able to see Kierra Clark Sheard, Sherri Jones Moffitt, Anita Wilson, AND Latice Crawford in the Convention Center!


^I walked past James Fortune and saw Donnie McClurkin speaking about his new record label. Attended an event hosted by Shea Moisture and saw Derek J crossing the street with his glam self. Oh and theeeennnnn my in-a-rush butt said no thank you to a dating game show with a celebrity guest. Imagine my sadness when I realized it was LAZ ALONZO…but he did RT me around the same time Latice Crawford commented on my video of her, so that lifted my spirits a bit! And as I rushed out, look below at what happened:)



^^Yes, that’s Miss Genesis Book of World Records in the flesh, Aevin Dugas!


^^Be sure to check out these lovelies on America’s Got Talent! And follow Acteii’s journey here!


^St. Louis naturalistas in NOLA!



^^Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter.

Would I go back again? OF COURSE!! I’m already planning for next year. *fingers crossed*

I feel much more prepared now that I’ve gotten my feet wet with the festivities. This, by the way, was the largest Essence Fest yet (close to 500k attendees reported). I was happy to bring in their 20th anniversary of this event with good friends, good music, and good food!



3 responses to “Naturals in NOLA”

  1. pat keller Avatar

    Looks like fun!

    1. MyNaturalReality Avatar

      And it was. I hope I can go again next year! They have a natural hair expo this same weekend each year in case you weren’t aware. #vendor 🙂

  2. Cassandra Avatar

    GORGEOUS PHOTOS!!! Thanks for giving us a piece of the fun!!! I’m not sure what I was thinking by skipping this year! 20th year anniversary, Prince…LAWD I was close to driving down there, 17hour drive from Baltimore…and then I snapped back into reality! Glad you had fun Tiffany! Looking great hun!