Night of Peace with Pastor John P. Kee


  I was first introduced to Pastor John P. Kee during my high school gospel choir days in the late 90s. This was the start of my dream to sing background for a man of God such as himself. By the time I became familiar with his CDs, he’d already released several albums holding tracks like Show Up, Standing in the Need, and It Will Be Alright. I have been a fan ever since. And almost two decades later, I still yearn to be behind his piano as part of New Life!

My audition tape…

His music truly takes you into worship and tonight was no exception. I am using my voice to text option to share my thoughts on the evening as I drive home because I don’t want to miss a thing. PLUS it is 11:30pm and I could possibly be a tad bit delirious because I have been on a musical journey since 7pm. I actually left John P. Kee on Harris Stowe State University’s auditorium stage, still giving the people life and favor. *thinks to self* John, I gotta be up at 5:30 in the morning, man. So with one finger up, I snuck out.

I definitely did not want to leave early because the fear is always, “My jam will come on next.” But every song was a jam. We even sang the oldies, Going Up Yonder and Oh Happy Day. The crowd remained thick, though close to midnight, proving the love had for his gospel hits. From college students to seasoned saints, few seats were open on the floor when I departed. I also did not want to miss any of John P. Kee’s candor nor his comedic flare. He kept us laughing with homemade songs and occasional jokes, plus was very honest in telling the crowd he invited other preachers but when they found out how close the venue was to Ferguson, they backed out. I’m sure their reasons varied, but the fact that he asked, told them how it was an unpaid concert to bring an atmosphere of peace, and they still declined tells a lot about his desire to give back to the community.

But what’s even more commendable than he and his ensemble giving us an awesome worship service is the fact that this was done at no cost to the audience! And while on stage, he was paying people’s bills, sending couples on date nights, and giving away CDs by the box load.


The show opened with several awesome local acts including God’s Chosen, a trio out of the Ferguson – Florissant school district (my high school graduating district as well).

Next we were blessed by the sounds of Chris, Kyle, and True Spirit. Hearing this group is always a treat because their level of professionalism and talent matches any artist I’ve ever witnessed.

Another homegrown opening act was Tracy Lynn Smith, whom John P. Kee is producing her freshman album. Finally, Zacardi Cortez warmed up the stage for a few minutes. He gave me chills! I REALLY could’ve used several more minutes of his anointed voice and the presence of Jesus he brought onto the stage.



Pastor John P. Kee expressed how much he enjoyed his time with us and asked if he came back every three months would we be here.

Um. Yeah!

I’d come back to a praise party with him on the keys everyday!

Big thanks to Move Ministry for the interview videos!




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  1. T Blocker Avatar
    T Blocker

    I absolutely cannot wait for him to return!! It was one of the best gospel music experience I’ve ever had.