Teach your daughters their hair is beautiful


Some people feel natural hair is a movement or even a trend. But the fact is, it’s natural!! Our young girls with textured hair need an extra push at times to believe their hair is just as beautiful as anyone else passing by.

Curl Centric has come up with one way to do just that! This coloring book with varying textures of hair will definitely make any little girl smile.

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Check out some of the cute pictures inside the book!

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From the author:

The Curly Kids coloring book was create so that children with curly hair can see it shown in a positive light.  Curly hair is often portrayed as needing to be fixed or unmanageable.  Sometimes, the kids experience bullying by other kids who are not familiar with the beauties of curly hair. So the Curly Kids Coloring Book ultimate is for every hair texture, so that every can see textured hair in a positively. That’s a complete win-win for textured and straight hair wearers alike!

Through my personal experience, the experiences of my daughters and blogging at Curl Centric, I realize there is a need for positive balance, with a positive message and positive images; Curly Kids Coloring Book is my contribution to help balance the scales. Moms of curly haired kids have been left with no alternative that celebrates their child’s curliness. I wanted to provide an option.

Curly Kids Coloring Book is a new product and has over 30 images that’s waiting to be colored with imagination. I understand that it is important for little girls to see images that look like them and that these images need to be shown in a positive way. The coloring book includes action shots, mermaids, princesses and ballerinas!  Plus styles include but aren’t limited to bantu knots, wash & gos, two strand twists, locs, afro puffs and many many more.  

I feel like the coloring book has done its job every time a parent tells me or I read an Amazon review that their child said, “Mommy, her hair looks just like mine!”

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