Black Girls Travel (Too) | Barcelona


Kids playing street ball near Las Ramblas – a popular street near city centre for tourists and locals.

Coincidentally, while I was in Barbados, two of my soror-friends Catina and Adzoa were in Barcelona.

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Ooo-oo-oop! The Mountain at Montserrat – aka home of black Madonna.

They too found their discount on The Flight Deal’s site. I tried to get in on the same deal but waited until morning to try and book. Much to my surprise, it was more than double this amount. *sad face* I don’t usually sleep long during the night, meaning it disappeared within 5 hours. *sadder face*

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Barcelona is Spain’s major Mediterranean port and commercial center. It’s famed for its individuality, cultural interest, and physical beauty.

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Catina had this to share about her trip:

I love the regional food and culture. I learned a lot about differences between Spanish and Catalan cultures, food/wine, language etc…Barcelona seemed to promise the urban/metropolitan experience of any thriving city with access to rural, countryside views. And Barcelona in May is amazing based on blogs, trip advisor and Rick Steves lol. I used these resources to plan where to go, where to eat, best inner city transit, do’s and dont’s…

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A mouth-watering photo is from Catina’s Instagram.

Caption: First I would like to give honor to God who is the head of my life. Yeah…this caprese salad was that good lol. I love caprese salad and have reconciled with the fact that I will never encounter mozzarella cheese so creamy and perfect on U.S. soil lol. Picture this: cheese oozed like lava when punctured to ensure every bite was joy filled with its buttery goodness. The balance of local peppery flavored olive oil and house made balsamic drizzled over flawless roasted tomatoes catapulted this meal into an elusive category of all stars lol… #MealsInBarcelona #ArcanoRestaurante


Tips for travel to Barcelona:

Know how to read a map lol. Any place where you don’t have ready access to mobile data for GPS guidance it’s critical to have a firm handle on where you are and how to get to next site. Pre plan for your day out while you have wifi access; take screen shots of walking directions, download local maps for offline access…

Carrer del Rec Comtal, a street in El Born (old town) Barcelona

Regarding budgeting:

Know how much foreign currency your US dollars can buy. Pre-purchase airport shuttle tickets and/or have a few currency dollars on hand in case you need a taxi. Identify partner banks to avoid ATM usage fees. By using a partner ATM, I paid no fees and got a better conversion rate than had I exchanged U.S. dollars for euros stateside.

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Stay tuned for more travel journeys because black girls travel too!