365 days of Ferguson | Why we still protest


Wait…you still don’t get it…

Are you wondering (or even being asked), “Why are people still protesting?

One person said to another (within earshot of a fellow activist Soror), “Oh it’s all because of the riots from last year,” as if that made even a lick of sense.

Others are saying, “Black people are angry for no reason but they don’t seem angry over black on black crime,” 1- as if only blacks are in this fight and 2- that really does not even deserve a reply at this point in the movement. *whispers* but I do think you should read THIS article in case you really believe that statement.

I’m here to share my reason for continuing to stand up against police brutality and make others aware. These are not back alley, late at night, in areas unknown situations…they’re happening right under our noses and at times to those we know!!

Today is Moral Monday, or as some called it, Resistance Monday. A few actions were put together by local organizers, and a few by clergy who were willing to put themselves on the line to prove to others the church still cares about the down trodden. Hundreds were arrested or detained throughout the course of the day for their acts of courage.

Rahiel Tesfamariam of Urban Cusp

My Jesus wasn’t rich and fancy, looking down on the less fortunate…he was very much like the people who are treated so wrong now. I’m sure you’ve heard Matthew 25:45 where Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.” Sit still if you want saints.


People of color are continuously being mistreated, rights withheld due to color of skin, and justice not given over and over again. If you won’t stand for them, who do you expect to stand for you?

Example: police could shoot an unarmed man for a missing headlight, then put a mug shot and all his past irrelevant information from his past  across America’s media. And people say, “Oh well he did have a prior conviction. He must need to be killed.” Or they could arrest a woman as she asks 10+ times why she’s being arrested and the answer withheld…why? Because there actually isn’t one. Then, like clock work, through a course of nasty journalism and horrifying reporting, police and media will turn the victim into the villain by any means necessary because, “She was angry. She should’ve been quiet. You know you aren’t supposed to ask police questions.”

Some are still struggling to see injustice. They don’t see suffering. They don’t see inequality. They don’t understand what any of this is about. It’s not about one isolated tragedy. That one tragedy may have hoisted me out of comfortability and into the streets, but it’s not the one that keeps me here. There are plenty reasons to remain on the protest line for human beings.

Ella Baker said, “We who believe in freedom will not rest until it comes.” And so people are standing in solidarity today, yesterday, and tomorrow with those who are constantly treated as second-class citizens in our country day after day after day.

But Tiffany, “Why are people shutting down highways? That’s why folks don’t like the protesters. They’re always causing traffic.” I’ll address this by saying , I’ve done it before (November 25) and I would do it again.

I understand it inconveniences people for a moment but look at the bigger picture to see others are inconvenienced for life, often for no reason at all except an officer felt like it. AND if you were part of the movement, you’d know what was going on. I knew before it happened it was going down. *shrugs*

Step out of your comfort zone with how people are treated. It wasn’t you today but could be you one day. Even D$&@!? Wilson says he is not sorry for what happened. He feels completely justified in his actions because white supremacy cuddles him at night. He is one of several reasons WE DO THIS FOR MIKE BROWN. He and so many others not allowed to tell their story.

On a weekly basis men, women, and children are being killed – more times than not – without probable cause. I want police to do their job but within reason…and within THE LAW.

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Let’s take it a step further than arrests…I read a statistic saying police killed 20 people in the first 5 days of July 2015. JULY!! And you mean to tell me every single killing was justified…or perhaps some done for fun and just because.

The U.S. police are up to over 600 deaths within the last year and no one can say every single one was justified but somehow few cases even make it to trial. They are living out the reality show version of How to Get Away with Murder. They are not held to the same level of responsibility as the rest of us and it’s time more realize this and stand with us to fight it.

Many of the protesters across the country are pro-accountability, not anti-police. And if consciously choose to ignore the difference, you were not going to be much help to us anyway.

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