Pregnancy Journey [approaching the end]


As I’m in nesting mode with less than 3 weeks remaining, I’m reflecting on all the things I’ll miss about my pregnancy journey…
Kicks from my healthy baby…though it started feeling awkward toward the end, her movement still equates with enjoyment.

Getting out of doing “adulty” things…my feet are kicked up many-a-times when I’d usually be expected to do the adulting with others. Thank you 6.5lb baby in my belly. *sneaky grin* as I try to figure out how to make this one last well into my kid’s teens.

The kindness of people helping in ways they hadn’t before...I’ve had people push my cart at Target. I’ve had friends lovingly fix my plate. Neighbors are asking if I could use any help. And even my principal offered to carry empty boxes for me. Lol. Really y’all, I can handle it.

I was blessed with a pretty simple pregnancy. No morning sickness; just many days of stomach aches that moved from morning, noon, then night during my first trimester. I only gained weight in my belly. That awful nose spread missed me! Thank you, Jesus. I did use a gender test Australia service to find out the gender – it’s a girl! Knowing that I have a little girl inside me makes this whole process really real. Now that I know she’s a she, I’ve bought clothes and thought of names. It’s true when they say reality really hits you when you find out the sex. I currently have swollen feet and cankles *rolls eyes*, but there have been days I wouldn’t have a seat when I knew I needed to. So my body was rebelling. Oh and lastly, I bypassed stretch marks thanks to genetics and moisturizing!

Now that I’ve put some respeck on my pregnancy, let’s move on. Some women are in their 9th or 10th month – yes, some babies come late – and they’re elated the end is near. Well I’m here to tell future and current moms, you don’t have to feel bad about releasing aspects of your pregnancy, especially if it wasn’t an experience you’d rush out to have again and again.

Here are a few things I won’t miss about being pregnant.

-Her hiccups. I am definitely excited to know that she is alive and well in my womb but the constant thump, Thump, THUMP for a few minutes (almost daily) is ever so annoying. It also manages to keep happening at times I’m stressed over a deadline or from someone stomping on my nerves.

The joint and pelvic pain. This causes me to hardly be able to walk by the end of some evenings. I’m sure it has to do with the extra weight and the fact I’m beginning to dialate. But there are things I need to do past 8 o’clock that require me to have the use of my legs. Flat out.

-Heartburn. Vericose veins. Eczema. Restless leg syndrome. All thanks to pregnancy. Nuff said.

The what to wear struggle. Usually women complain of having nothing to wear whilst facing a closet full of choices. I wholeheartedly have very little left. It is a constant struggle and I’m repeating outfits like never before. It doesn’t help that in the Midwest our weather is bipolar, and it could be 80° one day and 30° the next, in the month of May. So that is definitely making it hard for my growing stomach to fit into the clothing purchased for this time of year.

Frequent urination. There was one night around week 35 when I was up every two hours. I awoke at one point to my legs hanging over the bed. Guess I tried to get up but couldn’t make it. Don’t ask, “Do you stop drinking liquids after 8p?” “Are you leaning over while urinating to ensure you’re emptying your bladder?” NOTHING. WORKS. This is just my life and begrudgingly I deal with it.

Difficulty shaving. The balancing act my 25 extra pounds and I perform in the slippery shower is one thing, but there are parts of my lower extremities I either cannot see or can no longer reach. I need a “proceed with caution” sign under my protruding belly.?

Speaking of the protruding belly, I’ll end with this one:

I’m not loving the feeling of my stomach rubbing on my thighs when I sit. I find myself tucking my dresses or nightgowns under my stomach so there’s a layer of clothing between the two.

I’m also looking forward to a manageable stomach size and getting back into a fitness routine! It’s been hard not being able to keep as fit as I would have liked. I’ve already planned how I’m going to find time to keep fit when the little one is a bit older. I was talking to one of my friends who became a Cultural Care Au Pair to see if she was ready to have kids and got advice on everything I could from her because she’d had so much more time with children than me. I’m always open to tips and suggestions, anything that can help me out!

*steps off ranting podium*

Alright, alright so my list isn’t the absolute worst but it’s just not what I’m used to. Add to that hormones and frustrations over daily life situations and WHEW!

I could add a couple others but don’t want to complain about this blessing from above. Motherhood is a wonderful journey to embark upon and I know once I meet Bailey Kendall I’ll love her even more than I do now! Gotta have a little rain to enjoy the sunshine!




10 responses to “Pregnancy Journey [approaching the end]”

  1. B J Nashville Avatar
    B J Nashville

    Most enjoyable read, Tiffi. Mostly because it brings back memories of many years ago when I carried your mother in my womb. Never would one so openly express their pregnancy publicly back then. It’s great to know how much you’ve expressed your journey in writing so that my Great-grand child will be able to know how her mother carried her and thought of her even before she made her appearance into this world. Best of luck! The time is real soon. Love ya!

    1. MyNaturalReality Avatar

      Glad to be able to express it and so happy that you read it!

  2. Kristi Page-Purley Avatar
    Kristi Page-Purley

    Tiffany, YOU are one of the most beautiful pregnant women of the universe!!! I am so happy for you and I can’t wait to meet Bailey. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    1. MyNaturalReality Avatar

      And thank you for reading it 🙂

  3. Wilda Avatar

    Dear sweet Tif,

    Thank you for sharing your joy with all of us, you will be a great mom as you are a great person … I look forward to meeting your little Lady.

    1. MyNaturalReality Avatar

      Thank you so much!

  4. Tonya Mooney Avatar
    Tonya Mooney

    I love reading that 🙂 My babies are now 20, 15, & 13… And I remember everything I just read. Motherhood is such a blessing. Prying for a safe deliver. Can’t wait until you are able to meet your little girl.

    1. MyNaturalReality Avatar

      Thank you 🙂 🙂

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  6. Angie Coleman Avatar
    Angie Coleman

    Tiff –
    I’m so glad that you have enjoyed this first phase of your journey to motherhood it has got to be one of the most humbling experiences that God allows women to have. The gift of life is one of those moments that take your breath away! Thanks for allowing me a look into your journey – I love your transparency and I’m so glad that the world has evolved to allow/embrace one’s true feelings.
    I’m over joyed to share in spoiling “Baby Bailey”! She will indeed make a fashion statement shortly after her arrival.
    Hold on Tiff you are almost there!

    Peace and Blessings –
    Love you 2 –