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One never knows the texture a newborn’s hair. And Bailey’s so far nothing like mine. But her texture can be found in our gene pool. She’s her uncle’s twin. Thick, silky, and curly, while mine is thick, coarse, and kinky.

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She’s nursing in the picture above so I apologize for her nose being cut off. 🙂

Below shows her hair just after her first bath in the hospital. This full head of hair was the cause of much heartburn. (I believe in the old wive’s tale.)

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I had a chance to write an article about products for babies in the Summer 2016 edition of Naturally Happy Hair Magazine. Thanks to suggestions from moms who have been through the hair struggle, I found products that work for Bailey’s texture!

We’ve really taken to Aveeno. We use the wash and shampoo on her body and the gentle conditioning shampoo on her hair every 3-4 days. She did go through a dry skin moment but it faded after 2-3 weeks. I continued our same regimen during this time (we either use coconut oil, Shea butter, or California Super Sensitive Everyday Lotion).

After washing Bailey’s hair, I apply coconut oil or Shea butter while it’s wet and, of course, let it air dry or place a hat on her head if it’s chilly in the house. There was a spell where she had a dry scalp. I realized I was neglecting her hair. Mamas be busy. For her dandruff, I applied coconut oil directly on her scalp then used a fine toothed comb to massage the dandruff away. I washed it and once it dried, the dandruff had disappeared and has yet to return! You can look at other dandruff tackling methods using this source ref, along with many other pieces of medical advice for all ages.

Coconut oil has other uses too. For example, my best friend has recently started oil pulling. She swishes a spoonful of coconut oil around her mouth every night before bedtime and has found that doing so has improved the whiteness of her teeth. Even her Dentist in Charlotte has noticed the difference. Have you ever tried oil pulling? Of course, when it comes to whitening your teeth, there is no substitute for a professional whitening treatment at a dental practice in your area, but there is no harm in trying natural remedies at home too.

I do have hair products from Shea Moisture to give a try but am going to finish up the Aveeno Baby first. To help Bailey avoid becoming a product hoarder like her mom, we will use one thing at a time!

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The article reads….
So you’re going to be a mom? Oh wait, not you? I’M GOING TO BE A MOM!? Those caps definitely express my initial reaction to the pregnancy test. Well, to be honest, that’s been my feeling the entire duration of my pregnancy. Bouts of extreme excitement all the way to the other end of the spectrum: fear; what if I do something wrong?
I’m beginning to learn to be okay with a little trial and error. I may not always buy the best diapers, may choose swaddles she doesn’t care for, or I may even grab a used burp cloth in a pinch if it happens to be near wash day…which according to some is everyday and where in the world is the time for that?
I will have to try some products and items to find out what works for my baby and what her body doesn’t care for. To get started with hair and body care, I surveyed the moms on my Facebook friend’s list. By all means, do your own research to find out which ingredients you want to use or avoid in regards to your baby’s daily routine. The products below could give you a good starting point.
Coconut oil –
This is my go to for my own hair and body needs as it serves as a great moisturizer and detangling agent for my hair and softens my skin without leaving a Johnson and Johnson baby oil-esque residue. So I’m really hoping daily use will allow me to avoid the harsh chemicals of diaper rash creams. And once her coils are as thick as mine and in need of detangling, I’ll be trying coconut oil first, second, and third! My stockpile of this product is over the top.
Handmade products –
Many mothers make their own products. It just takes a little patience and research. I have even made my own body and hair butters as well as wipes using natural products. But time is not something I have a lot of so I cannot rely on my own schedule to offer time to make products. That being said, I personally know and support two African American women who whip up their products for sale as well as for use with their own children. I’ve been using their products for years, so I trust them on my child as well.
Candera of is from the Bahamas but currently runs her business in my hometown. She has a national presence with her hair care and body butter line. Herbal infusions and essential oils are blended into butters and creams to create products free from parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, formaldehyde, and mineral oils. She is the mother of two and uses her products regularly on her young children. Her Five Blend Tummy Butter (and genetics of course) allowed me to bypass stretch marks even though my child was in the 75th percentile much of my pregnancy. Under her “For Kids & Babies” category on her site you’ll find balms, creams, and butters specially made with gentle ingredients like olive oil, plantain leaf, vitamin E, and many more.
Another hand whipped product making mom providing high quality items is Mary of She created her line out of frustration with use of cortisones for her children’s eczema and with her own curls ruined from heat damage. This dual problem caused her to mix natural products until she found the ones that worked for her family. Ingredients commonly used with this line include cocoa, shea, and almond butters as well as natural oils. I find comfort in using a product on my skin, and soon my baby’s, knowing they’re being used personally by the makers.
SheaMoisture Baby –
SheaMoisture products are made with natural, organic ingredients for all hair textures and every skin type. The baby line is gentle enough for everyday use on the little ones. Their best seller is the Raw Shea Chamomile and Argan Oil Baby Head-To-Toe Wash and Shampoo. The light scent is meant to calm during bath time and the ingredients add comfort to baby’s sensitive skin long after she’s asleep. I’m currently trying not to use up my baby’s Manuka Honey and Provence Lavender Baby Nighttime Soothing Lotion on myself. It smells so good and leaves skin feeling smooth and hydrated. They have so many products in their baby line, including fragrance and gluten free. Every parent is sure to find the one that works for baby!
Honorable mentions –
Baby’s skin is so delicate and precious, we have to take the absolute best care of it that we can. Other products for infants and toddlers recommended by multiple friends include Mustela, Aveeno, California Baby, and Babyganics. I’ve put something from each on my registry to give them a try, so be sure to reach out to me on social media to see what I think of these in comparison to the ones I’m already familiar with!

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  1. […] Bailey was born with a full head of hair! The wives tales are true y’all. I had heartburn so bad I just knew I was dying. I’m not laughing. After her birth, I never felt that kind of pain again. As with many African American babies, her hair was silky and shiny for months and months after birth. It was super thick as well. I kept her routine simple, as I do now. I wash every 7-10 days and cowash once or twice in between. […]