I wasn’t with her but damn sure wasn’t with him


Sunday night I woke to a malfunctioned transformer which caused power to be out for some on my block close to 12 hours. I almost wish it were still off now. I went to bed at 9CST and was in disbelief that he was seemingly in the lead. “It’s early. Anything can happen,” I told myself.

Well I woke to nurse a teething 5-month old Bailey 6 hours later, and am again in disbelief. This time with tears. Like real tears.


The tears aren’t necessarily because he is Amerikkka’s president (because his disrespectful ass will never be mine) rather because of the changes that could come due to the horrible decision the majority of voters made.img_1278

These tag lines from Huff Post’a Black Voices say it all.img_1280
When MY POTUS, Barack Obama, was elected, racists came out the woodworks saying he’d never be their president – much the same way I expressed it above – but they did so simply because he was a black man. Nothing more than that fueled their rage.

Trump is orange and those same Obama hating rebels are kicking up their feet now, proud of the shit storm they’ve started.

He is theeeee absolute most ridiculous klan member of the bunch. Even children can see he is not the type who should be in leadership.

When Obama was elected, a chill filled with the good feeling one may have when riding a unicorn on a rainbow came over me. He wasn’t perfect but one could never say he hated women or an entire race of people. Begrudgingly as it may be, they COULD point out facts of how he intended to and then worked toward making America great (I can’t bring myself to add the “again”).

I was telling myself for months that it didn’t matter who was president and I figured he’d win (because post racial America n all *rolls eyes*) but I honestly didn’t want to believe my own thoughts.

Then I was all casual with myself like, “well even if he does win, the repubs won’t be up for doing all the crazy stuff he wants to do.” But will they? Seeing with my own eyes the electoral college’s support, I’ve never been so unsure of myself.

What I am thinking is what will happen in regards to women’s rights to choices about their own bodies? What will be put in place of Obamacare since we know he doesn’t care about the impoverished or marginalized groups and their health? Let’s think about this wall he’s so geeked to build. Students born of American descent have shared concern about their Hispanic and Latino friends; worried they will be moved to the other side. How do I put a smile on my face as I walk into my melting pot of a class of 8- and 9-year-olds who will be full of comments against the choices made by adults.

We know his feelings toward “the African Americans” who all live in the inner city, so how will he try to remove us from the neverbeensoUNUnited States? What will come of rights for the LGBTQ community?

So. Many. Questions.

And I worry they all have sour answers.

From a friend on Facebook…
“Pres. Obama showed our children if you fought and worked hard you could achieve your wildest dreams. Trump has now showed them if you insult and degrade people, advocate violence, cheat the little guy, be loud with no substance, you too can become president. Wow America just wow!”

His win is 1 point for Satan no doubt and we need to pour coconut oil allllll over the nation.








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