Black women, today’s march wasn’t for you


I catfished y’all on the title didn’t I?? Trust, it wasn’t for clicks, it was for a purpose. After reading a thread in disgust, I had to vent. I took to Facebook with the following post. The likes and shares that followed restored a bit of hope I’d quickly allowed to dissipate. It’s not that I need people to agree with me but it felt good to know I wasn’t alone.

Dear black men (particularly those of hotepian descent),

*adjusts mic on podium*

That picture above is how I’m staring at some of you.

Stop telling black women what to do.

I’m in a thread where comment after comment is saying: black women, today’s march wasn’t for you. This isn’t your fight. You shoulda spent time with your family instead. Who funded the rallies anyway? Y’all know you marched with people who support trump. I bet no one marched for Sandra Bland but a man making degrading comments gets 50 million to march against him.

STFU is my reply.


Reproductive concerns are a fight I need to be part of.

Healthcare for my family is also my fight.

Education being a top priority is my fight.

And much more.

His pissy mouth is the least of my concerns; but it too in fact is still a concern.

The fact I don’t think the orange one and his cabinet care about 1- women and 2- people of color IS MY FIGHT.

Though we were very few in number, at least in my city, did you ask a black woman who marched why she did it or are you assuming we just tryna do what the white women do? (One comment said we are just following to be a part of something…and that came from a sistah). Sure we know half of white female voters voted for him, but if they were marching with us today, then they’ve realized the error of their ways.

I hear this sistah is soror…her lollipop and unbotheredness did me in! You hear me!? Hilarious and true post, but it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have been marching for my own personal reasons today (as she is).

I don’t know about the rest of my sistahs but I’m multifaceted. But it always seems we either aren’t enough or we doing too much for y’all hoteps, I mean black men. Just leave us be and get back to posting BS memes and statuses bc clearly looking out for us isn’t your fight.

*reads A is for Activist to my baby*

Let me not forget this same man and his friends feel a black women performing at the inauguration did no wrong because of the amount she was offered. But me standing up for what’s right for free was wrong???? The TRUEST example of a real live hotep. This video below is for the person in that thread who said no one except black women marched or cared about Sandra Bland. (Research is your friend!)

Whatever woman went to the march in her respective city, the march was for you! Continue to do what you know is right in your heart.

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