Teachers can help combat racism


Le sigh…school has begun.

So long summer break joy for me and Bailey. BUT I must pay these bills so we can live comfortably so I’ll quit my fussing now! (Below I’m sharing about my trip to Selma, AL after the commemoration of Bloody Sunday. )

I don’t usually condone parents telling teachers what to do (because in all honesty some of y’all be flat out WRONG then we talk about you to others then you have a rep as “that parent”…and you see where I’m going with this). But with the current climate of Amerikkka you must talk with children at home and school so they know they’re in safe spaces to ask questions and hopefully learn how to be inclusive of others and appreciate and promote diversity in their own lives.

I posted the following on Facebook:


Talk with your kids about how their teacher and admin address the current environment of this country. Think about some of the whitest white supremacists and consider that some of them may be educators or could be the teacher married to one (hence sharing some of the same core values) or may just have children in your child’s class. They may be assholes but they live among us and share their ideas and corrupted values with others. These are discussions that must take place.

I ain’t saying it’s gotta be addressed in this first month of school but it shouldn’t be ignored. My school does great work surrounding social justice. The message is clear that we don’t tolerate racism and we promote inclusion.

Here’s one web resource you can pass along: https://www.tolerance.org/ (especially to teachers…they have free videos with lessons and great articles) and there’s several books that can assist as well.

Just saw this one in the latest Essence and purchased it from Amazon.

Lastly (STL residents) don’t forget the Missouri History Museum Civil Rights Exhibit has ACTivist who will come to your class for a presentation related to St. Louis civil rights history. They came to my class last year and it sparked wonderful conversation with my students!

I could go on and on but I digress. Just make sure your kids are talking about this because they’re the ones who can make a difference in Amerikkka.




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