Black Girls Travel Too | Newlyweds showing acts of greatness


If you follow me anywhere online, you may recall I spent a few days with Bailey in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This was in July, before hurricane season attacked. I reached out to my Airbnb host and asked if he and his family were okay after the first round of storms. At that point, they were unaffected. Sadly I was too scared to reach out and ask after the second round but I did keep them in my thoughts and prayers, knowing even if their property was minimally damaged, surely they have scores of family and friends in need of assistance to get life back to normal.

Well, whilst scrolling social media this weekend, I noticed a friend was a bridesmaid in a wedding. Then I realized it was Puerto Rico. Of course most Americans first thought is, “How much damage is still visible from the hurricanes?” We can watch the news half-a$$ report all day long and watch those folks president throw paper towels to a crowd as if life threatening damage is a joke, but to know people in the area gives you a first hand account through their words and photographs.

The photographs of the ceremony were beautiful! I’d highly recommend visiting to see how you can make sure they’re just as beautiful for your own wedding. Photographers are such an important part of weddings as they give you those memories to treasure forever. But what was even more beautiful was how this bride and groom brought people together for the common good. They saw a need and offered assistance during a moment in their lives they’ll surely never forget.

I won’t hold it against these gorgeous women that they’re AKAs😉
(I’m a devastating diva reppin’ Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.)

The following statement and photos were posted on my friend’s social media account this morning. It truly started my day off well to see people give up their time and funds at a time when they could’ve been relaxing day after day on a beach and making the moment all about themselves – because that is really what a typical destination wedding is all about. Take a look at if you don’t believe me. It’s supposed to be all about luxury and romance, but this group of people swapped that for kindness and help. And no one would’ve blamed them if this community service idea never came to fruition, but I’m glad the world gets to see their outpouring of love through acts! This is what makes America great.

?Let me tell you how awesome and selfless Patrice and Wade are…

Not only did we go to Puerto Rico for their beautiful destination wedding, but they, along with their families, planned a “Shelton and Watson Day of Service” for those affected by #HurricaneMaria. Together, they raised over $5,000.00 which was used to purchase toiletries and other items. A family was also presented with a $1000.00 check that will help them get on their feet. In addition, wedding guest traveled with gently used shoes, formula, diapers, and many other necessities.
Our hotel, the Condado Vanderbilt, did not hesitate to provide us with transportation to bus us to the Rio Grande community of Puerto Rico. This neighborhood was one of many that suffered from massive flooding and damage to homes.
We walked the streets in the neighborhood and gave toiletries to men and women, food, water, hot meals, toys and backpacks for the children. The members of the community were extremely appreciative and welcomed us with open arms. I, just like many others who participated, feel so blessed to be able to have had this humbling and moving experience.
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