Toxin free periods


**Update as of March 2023** I do still wear THINX despite the news about the product. I am not able to go back to disposable pads. So with that, read, or scroll on…no hard feelings!

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted here. Two kiddos really takes up a lot of my time (and I love it!)…mommy mode is how I spend most of my days. They’re only 2 years and 8 months so I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing for now. Socialite Tiffany makes an occasional appearance for self care purposes, but life looks different, no doubt.

As for the reason for this post: THINX. Have you heard of it? Tried em? Maybe now is the time.

For at least 2-3 years I’ve been a believer. I was beginning to feel the side effects of using toxin filled sanitary napkins. My seven day cycle was bringing the pain. (Fibroids possibly cause my cycle to be so lengthy. I have two posts on the F word.) After 4-5 days of wearing sanitary napkins I’d have to sleep commando the final days. My leg would feel numb (different legs each time and different spots). The only relief came from not using sanitary napkins and free flowing onto a towel. Not the cutest look but my health is more important than any ewwws I may hear over that option.

THINX allows me to free flow into underwear every cycle. Since leaving sanitary napkins behind I no longer feel the numbness in my leg toward the end of my cycle. A benefit that I’d read a few other women experience that I’m pleased to report is knocking a day off my already too-long cycle. My cramps are also not as bad. Real talk. When I managed to get to 7cm dilated before needing an epidural my mom said it was probably due to being used to tough cramps. But these past few years they’re honestly not so bad.

Natural is the way to go y’all! Your body will thank you. <—click for $10 off!

Q: Is there an odor?

A: No more than what you’d expect from a sanitary napkin. So it all depends on the make up of your body.

Q: How do you clean them? Is it gross?

A: Do you typically get grossed out by taking a shower? I’m grown so I surely don’t. Toss em on the tub floor and step on them as you wash your body. Once they run clean, throw em in the washing machine (no fabric softener and preferably no other garments, then let them air dry).

Q: Aren’t they expensive?

A: Have you bought period products recently? I haven’t. Money-saver! Spend a little more now to save an abundance in the end.