It’s been a long time!


Wow I did not realize I have not been on my site in such a long time! Motherhood, work, and the pandemonium have definitely been in the way of my creative spark. I am NOT the type who was inspired to see what more I could do in life when the world shut down (well, some of y’all never shut down and the proof is in the data but….)

Since my last post I’ve been doing only what I mentioned above. My kids being at the heart of it all! I work hard at life; I work smart but it’s still going hard. They’re happy, healthy, bright individuals who know they’re loved and protected. That in itself is a full time job!

I willingly pour my all into my children, even more so since the pandemic took over our lives. Parents really had to get creative when even going to grandmas house wasn’t an option bc you didn’t want to get sick / get anyone sick. And -all thanks be to the Lord- I have been working through it all. We even caught and beat COVID in my household…oddly enough that stress still lives with me from time to time because that was one of the roughest periods of my life.

The stress of it ALL gave me extra pounds I wish I could drop off at someone else’s house, skin that doesn’t always cooperate, sleepless nights, and much more less than positive ish.

In December I saw a chance to get away for 3 days, 2 nights and I did!! I saw that opportunity arise again so at the last minute I booked this trip to the same area.

It’s just me and the beach leisurely sleeping in til 9a (yes that’s sleeping in for me because my kids like to wake with the roosters). I’m not a “Do you, kid” kind of parent. I am hands-on. That means I take in all the energy they give off. That makes for one tired mother.

I’m so thankful for an amazing family that makes it possible for me to drop everything and go. My only responsibility this weekend is to not burn in the sun and to get to my departing flight on time. I think I can handle that.

Parents, know thyself. Yes you have to give and give and give to your kids as a basic requirement to assist their growth as compassionate, enlightened human beings. But you do have limits. Your body and mind can only take so much. If you can even get away for 24 solid hours while they’re safely with loved ones, DO IT! I notice a change in my parenting style if I let stress prolong in my life. I promised myself I will get away 1-2 times a year SOLO just to combat that stress and return rejuvenated and ready to get back in the ring with my busy and talkative duo, work duties, household tasks, and everything else life throws at us! No one will take better care of you than you so take care of yourself by adding self-care to the to do list.

And now a song that lives rent free in my head 🙂

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