A kid vlogger in the making


This latest generation of kids loves photos and videos! Everything for them is instant. When someone photographs or records them, they want to know, “Can I see it?” And in my house, my daughter wants me to show Facebook or send it to family…then she wants to know right away, “What’d they say?” Whoa girl, give folks a chance to view your work of art!

I encourage this by allowing her and my son to take pictures and record, and at times I compile it for a video for their YouTube page.

“Click like and subscribe,” is something Bailey can be heard saying as she plays with her LOL dolls and Barbies. She’s a natural and I don’t even let her freely watch YouTube. (Because parents know, it’s some weird ish out there so I’d rather my kids watch a more structured platform like Amazon Prime for kids or Netflix.)

At any rate, as I support my child becoming a vlogger and future chef – as she loves to watch the cooking competition shows – follow along on our journey!

“Click like and subscribe!”