A few of my favorite things…


I am always thinking about multiple streams of income. Sadly it stops there; a thought. My busy parenting and work schedule doesn’t allow me to give it much more than a mere thought, so I am not there yet, but I’m surely working on it.

I checked my Amazon commissions recently and saw a small chunk of change pending. I share and receive links often, just wanting to help others as being resourceful is a character trait I am known for. After seeing that commission and realizing this can be a profit-maker for me, any and all future links from me will most likely come from Amazon (though I know some prefer to avoid it given negative press).

When you share your Amazon link and someone uses that direct link to make a purchase, once it is delivered, boom commission is made. It’s legit that simple!

I recently shared a few hair product ideas with a friend who then made purchases…now I am wishing I’d sent them as Amazon links. BUT what I did do is save them to my beauty and health list for future chances to share. Some of the products I suggested to her are in the video below.

I am no brand influencer but I am great with recommendations and honest reviews so take a peek at my current categories in case one fits your fancy! And if this is something you’re attempting for your side hustle, create the videos, share the links, and see where it takes you!