Bailey interviews St. Louis Blues hockey alums


*wipes tears*
Yep my baby girl is a pro! Book her for your commercial needs.

I am resourceful. I get it from my parents. It’s my mother who shared a link to enter a contest to interview a St. Louis Blues player. This was perfect because Bailey had been playing hockey for the past year so the relevance was fitting. I also had her in acting classes at the time – even though she froze up when offered a chance to audition for our church play. I just knew / know this is a skill that can grow and flourish if given the chance.

I excitedly shared the news when I received the email that she’d been chosen! Shocked and in dismay, Bailey declined. I too was shocked. I thought she’d be excited. She told me, “I’m shy and don’t like to be around people.”

I promise I know my child. She is anything but shy. From the time she could babble words, she’s had me small talking with strangers who are impressed with her level of engagement with them. Meanwhile I’m the one acting shy because small talk isn’t my thing; neither are strangers if we’re being honest.

Enjoy these snippets from our trip to Barbados in 2018. Bailey talked to everybody, everywhere we went. And she’s always been an actress.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this adjective, shy, from Bailey. For some reason she’s trying to adopt that character trait and I’m like it’s just not you girl. So she was hesitant about this interview.

Fast forward to my friend’s wedding in 2021 in New Orleans. I ask, does that look like a shy child to you? She danced and was all up in the mix as the only child at the wedding every chance she got. So much so, I was nervous she’d be in too many of the pictures as if she was the child of the bride and groom rather than the flower girl!🥴

Back to this word shy. I try my best to acknowledge my children’s emotions and I also try not to force my kids to do something they’re uncomfortable with in regard to extra curriculars, but I know my child!! Interviewing Blues players was going to be an opportunity to shine. And she likes to make and watch videos of herself, so I really thought it’d be a perfect fit.

Overtime I was able to talk her into it 😍We wrote out questions with assistance from family, watched kids give interviews on YouTube, and just took time to sit with it vs rushing. I helped her name the feeling. Shy isn’t it. She could talk to the Obamas without hesitation if given the chance. (Anybody know how to get us that chance??) The emotion felt was nervousness. She was also anxious. This was new; something she’d never done before. Those are normal feelings to have.

I think taking our time with it, showing examples, and reassuring her it’d be fine plus fun helped create such an amazing video that even she is proud of!