My Natural Hair Journey


Healthy hair starts with a healthy lifestyle!!

pinxit photo

Click here to read more about my work out routine, eating habits, and vitamins (pre-kids…this has not been updated to reflect my 40+ year old life, but I will get to that one day.)

First braid out in February 2011 ^

Later that year ^

 First blow out ^

Winter 2011^

Summer 2012^

Winter 2012 ^

LB photo shoot

Summer 2013 ^

Don’t let shrinkage get you down…the pics above and below were both taken in the same month!

Click the various links to keep up with my hair journey!!

My Natural Hair Journey…the early days (photos from 12/10 to 4/11)

My Natural Hair Journey PART TWO  (photos from 5/11 to 12/11)



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