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  • Bailey’s Big Chop | Toddler Regimen

    Bailey’s Big Chop | Toddler Regimen

    We all have a niche or two, right? Well, hair has always been mine…   I started doing my own hair sometime around the tender age ten. Yes, ten. It was the best decision for our household as I did not like my mom doing my hair. Kids know so much, don’t they. I did…

  • Young Entrepreneur: Maya Penn

    Young Entrepreneur: Maya Penn

    Fourteen-year-old Maya Penn is sitting on a 75k-a-year enterprise according to the July 2014 issue of Essence Magazine! Go’on girl!  [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6yWEXx4f6M’] At age 8, she was making her own headbands and others would ask where they could be purchased. This prompted her, AT AGE EIGHT, to start her own business. Her items are adorable AND…

  • Fros on the Fourth

    Fros on the Fourth

    Happy Fourth!! Enjoy these photos 🙂            

  • Oh, the sights seen at festivals!

    Oh, the sights seen at festivals!

    I attended the annual African Arts Festival in St. Louis, and while I was there as a volunteer, I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures of beauties along my way! I just HAD to purchase this dress, then found another on eBay! I’d be happy to purchase another!! If you know where it can…

  • Style Diaries: Valerie

    Style Diaries: Valerie

    I’m Valerie Craddock and I’m a 25 year old stay at home mom who loves to make YouTube videos! I started my natural hair journey August 16, 2012 when I decided to BIG CHOP after transitioning for 4 months! I made the decision to go natural because I started to fall in love with my roots…

  • HAIRspiration: Fro Hawk

    HAIRspiration: Fro Hawk


  • STYLEspiration: Street Style

    STYLEspiration: Street Style

    A little something for the chilly days when you still want to show off your style!     Compliments of http://blackfashion.tumblr.com/

  • STYLEspiration: Street Style

    STYLEspiration: Street Style

      They ^ totally look like they’re fresh off the set of a Spike Lee film and I love it!   So I snuck this ^ one on the site in my anticipation of Spring…too soon? *shrugs*   The mixing of pink and blue ^ is definitely working for her! Compliments of http://blackfashion.tumblr.com/

  • Style Diaries: Linnea

    Style Diaries: Linnea

    My name is Linnea Smith-Waters I’m from Baltimore, MD. I have four daughters who all have natural beautiful hair. I started doing my own hair when I was 10. My mother would always braid my hair in singles and leave them in for weeks I used to get teased and called Whoopi Goldberg. She is a…

  • Dear bald spot…

    Dear bald spot…

    …you’re not welcomed here!!! These photos were taken during November 2012 and talk about pure devastation!! Yes, this was in a spot that I could easily cover up…BUT a bald spot!?!? No woman wants to deal with that. I feared the worst. I thought maybe it would remain this way forever or even worse, spread…

  • Style Diaries: Swank Stylista

    Style Diaries: Swank Stylista

    Meet Raven from Los Angeles… I started my natural hair journey in the summer of 2010. My last perm was for my birthday that year.  I transitioned for maybe a month and a half, then decided to Big Chop. I haven’t looked back since.   Currently I mostly wear a wash n’ go and for…

  • Style Diaries: Laqwanda

    Style Diaries: Laqwanda

    My name is Laqwanda. I hail from the state of Mississippi. I cannot remember whether I ever thought that my natural hair journey was going to be easy or difficult. However, I do recall being determined to make it fun.  I love challenging myself to discover styles that work best for me. Although I wear…

  • Simply Thrown Together: Fall time

    Simply Thrown Together: Fall time

    The perfect lazy fall day outfit! Sweater and jean top: Old Navy Leggings: Target Boots: purchased on eBay (Chloe Boutin)

  • Style Diary: Tsholo Dikobe

    Style Diary: Tsholo Dikobe

    (The Khoi-fro) The sciences of appearances- outward appearances to inner well-being have always been my personal legend. Through this medium of communication, I developed a keen interest in how easily society can be influenced over a substantial period. The way in which an ensemble of words or a single item of clothing can instantaneously persuade…

  • Afro Clothing

    Afro Clothing

      [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2Q2UfkfiIc’]         https://www.facebook.com/eusouafro

  • Tiffany Josephs Photography (the sequel)

    Tiffany Josephs Photography (the sequel)

    Be sure to read part one of Tiffany Josephs’ photography story here. Some photographers love to shoot weddings because they love to see love. I love to document history in the making. I love getting out in the world and showing others what I just witnessed. I do have a dream of seeing my name credited underneath…

  • HAIRspiration: TWAs

    HAIRspiration: TWAs

    HAIRspiration…get some!      

  • Tiffany Josephs’ Journey to Photography

    Tiffany Josephs’ Journey to Photography

        Before you read…head over to Facebook and follow Tiffany Josephs Photography. Read on! How did you become a photographer…your journey, so to say? That’s such a long and possibly boring story lol… My father bought me my first camera (polaroid) when I was 11 years old. I took a photography class in high…

  • Style Diary: OhGinelle

    Style Diary: OhGinelle

    My natural hair journey started out as every other: my mother couldn’t manage the wildness. So by the age of 8, I fell victim to the creamy crack.   It was a struggle, but my hair was definitely thuggin’. The next few years of my life I went through long flowing hair, to short broken…

  • Style Diary: Elbony

    Style Diary: Elbony

    My name is Elbony. I’m a 22 year old girl who loves everything beauty, fashion and hair related. I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I’ve only been natural since January 20th, 2013. My future plans include staring my own online jewelry and clothing boutique, and also attending nursing school. I love everything about my hair now…