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  • Noihsaf


    Candace Cort started Noihsaf Naturals because it was a way to stay motivated on her natural hair journey. “I have been natural since ’06 but about two years ago I decided to go get a trim at the hair salon and came out with a big chop and over 70% of my length was GONE,…

  • Is naturally-styled hair unprofessional?

    Is naturally-styled hair unprofessional?

      “Dreadlocks are unprofessional,” says the dean of Hampton University’s School of Business. He feels that male students, in particular, cannot “look the part” nor can they “land corporate jobs” with dreadlocks. Though this comment was made in a Black Enterprise article in August 2012, and the ban at Hampton University has been in effect…

  • HAIRspiration: Locs

    HAIRspiration: Locs


  • My STYLEspiration: Vintage love

    My STYLEspiration: Vintage love

  • My Inspiration: brains and beauty

    My Inspiration: brains and beauty

    While celebrating the achievements of my intellectually gifted line sister, Hadiyah, her dear friend, Jay Ali (writer and director of Black and Single TV), took the opportunity to snap a few pics. She recently earned her Ph.D. in Physics!  Hadiyah is the 4th African American and the 2nd African American woman to finish with this…