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  • Noihsaf


    Candace Cort started Noihsaf Naturals because it was a way to stay motivated on her natural hair journey. “I have been natural since ’06 but about two years ago I decided to go get a trim at the hair salon and came out with a big chop and over 70% of my length was GONE,…

  • All Things O’Natural

    All Things O’Natural

    I enjoy posts from the ATON team so I asked to repost one in regards to Mr. ATON‘s natural hair regimen!   Dominque, founder and creator of All Things O’Natural product line gets asked this question a lot from Natty men who wish to know her husband’s regimen using their ‎Natty Natural products.   So, here…

  • Black Hair Kitchen [photos]

    Black Hair Kitchen [photos]

    Whoooaaa I’m way late with posting about this event! In my defense, I am a teacher on summer break who has been relaxin’ and chillaxin’ while visiting friends from New York to Atlanta! I’ve not had much time to sit and work. But today is my catch-up day!   Anywho…while attending my sorority’s 100th anniversary celebration…

  • The Natural Me

    The Natural Me

    I created “The Natural Me” as a way to encourage African Men/Women to embrace our Natural Beauty, be it hair, complexion, features, etc…   We encourage the usage of natural products for our skin/hair because much of what is offered on today’s market isn’t made for our skin/hair, is possibly harmful, or just doesn’t work.…

  • HAIRspiration: Locs

    HAIRspiration: Locs


  • Deborah Bond – Madam Palindrome

    Deborah Bond – Madam Palindrome

    I officially have a new favorite female artist. Her soulful voice has a hint of sweet innocence and the lyrics speak to your soul. Before reading a bit about her musical experience and hair journey, please watch her latest video, “You Are the One,” from her 2011 album Madam Palindrome. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COf1syOkZLg[/youtube] “My musical experience so…

  • My STYLEspiration: Vintage love

    My STYLEspiration: Vintage love

  • My HAIRspiration for the day: The Floacist

    My HAIRspiration for the day: The Floacist

    Women are not afraid to wear a low, LOW, cut anymore!   Check out her track with Music Soulchild, Forever.   [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmKAyM2xqPA[/youtube] C’mon, I know you remember her!! Not only was she half of the oh-so popular duo from London, Floetry, she’s written songs for Michael Jackson, Jill Scott, and Bilial.

  • My HAIRspiration for the day: Locs

    My HAIRspiration for the day: Locs

    Whether you’re just starting out or have been growing your locs for years, the style is more than a fad…it’s a lifestyle for many! Rock it with pride!