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  • Love…so many things I want to tell you

    Love…so many things I want to tell you

    As I stare at my baby girl whilst nursing I wonder what the future holds for us. Does all the baby talk and alertness mean she’ll be a questioner and explorative? Will she sing? What kind of student will she be? Is she going to Miss Personality or more on the shy side? Why is…

  • Wedding Bells

    Wedding Bells

    Here’s a few pieces that may inspire your upcoming nuptials. If you know the sites where these items can be purchased, do share below!!  

  • Step into your inner goddess

    Step into your inner goddess

    I love to see celebrities interact on a positive level with their fans. Tomiko Fraser-Hines considers herself to be an “inspirationist”! She gets a thrill helping others realize their true worth and potential. She took time out to do a mini question-and-answer session with her Facebook fans and I just had to ask her if…

  • Wedding bells (African inspired)

    Wedding bells (African inspired)

    Several of the images are from http://www.yesbabydaily.com/blog/african-glam. But you can google “african inspired wedding” for more ideas!

  • Real Love

    Real Love

    Precious says of Jairius,“He respects me, prays for me, encourages me and sees me not only in his now but in his future. He is my partner, companion, friend and the love of my life!” This is the way love should be! Read more here.  



    That’s in all caps as if it’s a holiday I get all into. When holidays lack fellowship with family and food or at least a day off from work, I’m rarely invested! But I do think celebrating LOVE is always in season!! That being said, besides hugs, kisses, and affirmations of your love for one…

  • The Marriage Tour

    The Marriage Tour

    The Marriage Tour web series deals with the highs and lows couples face before, during, and after marriage. Brian and Denise, who live together, have been dating for over four years. This inevitably leads to the conversation of marriage, which makes Brian very uncomfortable. He comes up with every excuse in the book as to…