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  • Bridal Tribe

    Bridal Tribe

    BRIDAL TRIBE is a company devoted to spreading love. From helping couples of color plan and pull off a memorable wedding day and survive their subsequent journey of marriage to promoting collaboration and growth among small businesses, our passion is building positive, lasting relationships. Whether you’re a bride, groom, married couple, wedding planner, photographer, make-up…

  • Wedding Bells

    Wedding Bells

    Here’s a few pieces that may inspire your upcoming nuptials. If you know the sites where these items can be purchased, do share below!!  

  • Wedding bells (African inspired)

    Wedding bells (African inspired)

    Several of the images are from http://www.yesbabydaily.com/blog/african-glam. But you can google “african inspired wedding” for more ideas!

  • Real Love

    Real Love

    Precious says of Jairius,“He respects me, prays for me, encourages me and sees me not only in his now but in his future. He is my partner, companion, friend and the love of my life!” This is the way love should be! Read more here.  

  • Wedding bells

    Wedding bells

    View the entire collection here.